Dec 15 Bedford, TX Dannys Celtic Pub with Red McWilliams

Dec 16 Amarillo, TX Amarillo Celtic Concerts with Red McWilliams

Dec 17 Midland, TX Midland Celtic Concert Series with Red McWilliams


Jan 4 Houston, TX Retrospect Coffeebar with Lonestar Stout

Jan 5 Houston , TX Houston Concert Series with Lonestar Stout

Jan 6 Bellville, TX Celtic Roots & Cowboy Boots with Lonestar Stout

Jan 8 Katy, TX Katy School Program

Jan 13 Waxahachie, TX In The Music Room with Mark Gorman

Jan 18-25 Tucson, AZ Tucson and Points Southwest Ramble with Rickey Pittman

Jan 27 Belton, TX The GIN at Nolan Creek with Lonestar Stout

Feb 17 Monroe, LA Enochs Pub & Grill with Rickey Pittman

Feb 19 Forest, MS SCV E MS Greys Camp 1666 with Rickey Pittman

Feb 20 Meridian, MS Meridian SCV Camp 1649 with Rickey Pittman

Feb 21 Lake City, FL ROTARY CLUB OF LAKE CITY DOWNTOWN with Rickey Pittman

Feb 22 Okeechobee, FL Okeechobee County Public Library with Rickey Pittman

Feb 23-25 Okeechobee, Fl Battle of Okeechobee with Rickey Pittman

Mar 10-11 Midland, TX Midland Scottish-Irish Faire

Mar 24 Sherman, TX Sherman Celtic Festival and Highland Games

Mar 24 Sherman, TX Sherman Celtic Festival and Highland Games

Apr 28 Denison, TX Doc Holiday Days

May 5 Salado, TX Tap Room at Barrow Brewing with Lonestar Stout

May 18-20 Huntsville, TX General Sam Houston Folk Festival

Jul 12 Aberdeen, Scotland Cafe Drummond with Scottish Trad

Jul 14 Inverness, Scotland, UK MacGregor's Bars with Lonestar Stout

Aug 3-5 Windham, NY Windham Civil War Gathering & Encampment

Sep 14-16 Tulsa, OK SCOTFEST